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lundi 29 juin 2020, par Philippe Donnart

Le SPARK de Positive Grid, l’ampli qui n’arrive pas rapidement... en France.

J’ai commandé l’ampli SPARK le 23 mars 2020 au matin après avoir vu une pub sur FB.
Un achat impulsif pour un cadeau d’anniversaire (le 03 juin).

En Février 2021 le Spark est en vente sur Amazon (on peut imaginer que le problème de livraison ne devrait plus être qu’un mauvais souvenir).

La livraison était prévue pour avril/mai 2020.
En rentrant le midi je me suis aperçu que les clients ne recevaient pas leurs commandes. Ceux qui avaient commandé en novembre/décembre n’avaient rien reçu fin mars.

J’ai bien essayé d’avoir des informations.
"We now estimate that Last Chance Special supporters will begin receiving their Spark amps in mid-June. While we wish we could fulfill all the orders right now, we’re working our hardest to expedite the process for you." May 21, 2020, 1:31:57 PM GMT+8

La communication de Positive Grid est catastrophique.
En avril ils ont annoncé qu’ils expédiaient 1000 unités jour, donc théoriquement la livraison fin mai était envisageable.
Puis qu’il s’agissait d’une histoire de containers. Cependant une sympathique Youtubeuse a reçu un Spark pour une démo (il me semble que nous sommes géographiquement proches) et une autre personne a reçu son SPARK le 23 juin, une autre le 02 juin, donc leur histoire de container ne tient pas la route.

Ils continuent à mentionner une livraison pour June - July 2020 alors que des commandes de janvier ne sont toujours pas honorées, voire de décembre au 10/07 (Doug Brazier Dec 29th 2019 for me ! Australia.).

Il me semble que leur publicité est limite légale, la notion de stock limité évolue régulièrement (de mémoire quand j’ai commandé c’était Pre-Order : 3280/3300)
Pre-Order : 13880/13940 sold (28/06/2020)
Pre-Order : 14862/14930 sold (14/07/2020)
Pre-Order : 14933/15000 sold (15/07/2020)
Pre-Order : 16678/16760 sold (12/08/2020)

Nous sommes le 29/06 et le colis n’est toujours pas expédié, cependant pour d’autres cela se passe un peu mieux.

Dale Vallee‎ à Spark positive grid still waiting for their AMP !
Ordered Apr 1, northern Alberta Canada, received today. No duties or extra taxes. Sweet, on my sons bday as well. He’s 18 today and since Covid he’s started playing guitar and he knows and plays almost flawless about 40 punk heavy metal songs ! He’s gonna love it, he actually ordered it so he knew it was coming..... one day.

Le 01 juillet quelqu’un qui a commandé 2 mois après moi voit son SPARK expédié.

Encore mieux..3 mois après ma commande


Je n’ose même pas imaginer ce que va être le service après-vente en cas de panne.

Donc si vous souhaitez acheter le SPARK réfléchissez bien avant de cliquer sur le bouton "Add to cart"
Un groupe privé a été créé pour l’occasion :Spark positive grid still waiting for their AMP !

Si vous souhaitez annuler la commande à priori vous allez perdre de l’argent
William Corbett @billdup
En réponse à @PositiveGrid
I paid Positivegrid £224. 32 and they only refunded me £209.91
That leaves a discrepancy of £14.41. That’s a scam.

Le 09/07/2020
108 jours d’attente
une livraison à 250 km de chez moi ce jeudi pour quelqu’un qui a passé sa commande après moi, et une autre dans l’Est de la France... l’histoire du container ne tient vraiment pas la route.
Eric Sands Philippe Donnart Yes, we’ve addressed the issue with the company that ships our orders. They’ve corrected their procedures. You shouldn’t see this happen again after the ones that shipped arrive at their destination. The good news is all orders will be completed soon.

Le 10/07/2020
Dear friends, here is France, Marseille ! This morning Spark arrived with GLS Germany delivery. I ordered on April 6, my # was 173444.
Just plugged it in, it’s a fantastic little amp ! And it’s loooouuuud !! Enjoy !
Là on est à 100 km pour une commande passée après la mienne.
Et la réponse
Your order is still waiting to be shipped. We have five shipments to the EU this month, so your status should update soon. Thanks !

Autres informations :
Eric Sands Scott Hogan our 3rd party warehouse mismanaged a database and shipped a bunch of orders out of sequence. This has now been corrected.
Eric Sands Jared Pearce It’s been a long frustrating process for everyone. We’re all upset the order sequence was mismanaged and it has been corrected.

J’ai testé le formulaire en ligne.... autant pisser dans un violon.
Thanks for writing to us,
We understand your excitement and we thank you for your enduring patience. _ _ _ Please rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to make sure that your Spark guitar amp is being delivered in a timely manner.
Further information on the shipping and delivery schedule will be updated along with the official announcement. For shipping updates and tracking needs please refer to the following links :
 Shipping Updates
For the latest update on your Power Supporter/Player Special/Last Chance Special preorder, please visit the page here
 Track Order
You can check your order status here
You will receive tracking information via email once your order has been shipped.
Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Exemple de publicité du jour

Limited Time Offer... c’était déjà le cas en mars

je n’avais pas eu de réponse à ma demande de geste commercial, et ai trouvé ce message dans une conversation.. plus que 7 jours à attendre... ce qui devrait être possible puisque le colis n’a toujours pas été expédié.

Mais cette information est en contradiction avec celle-ci

Parce que là il faut "If anyone is still waiting for your Spark longer than four months please send a request to our help desk and we’ll be happy to give you a download code for BIAS FX 2 Standard. To be clear, this does not work with Spark. You will need a recording interface to use it with your Windows or Mac OS computer. Please submit your request on a help desk ticket at the following link."

Je n’ai pas reçu de mail, mais premiers frémissements, cependant la livraison se fera en 2 étapes...

A Letter from Our CEO

Dear Spark Purchasers,

Calvin, CEO of Positive Grid here. I am overwhelmed and truly appreciate your support for Spark. It is clear that we have not been communicating effectively about delays and obstacles that have prevented us from shipping your Spark. I sincerely apologize for keeping you waiting for so long.

There are things we will—and must—do better. From here on out, I promise to do everything within our power to keep you 100% informed. Here is an update I want to share with you directly.

What happened ?

In November and December of 2019, the early response for Spark far exceeded our expectations. We had to significantly increase our production capability, operation and logistics, and solve resource challenges.
In January and February of this year, the COVID-19 outbreak hit which closed our factory and many vendors in our supply chain, dramatically affecting our production capability. Once the production issue was resolved, the pandemic had spread worldwide, affecting our logistics and shipping.
As a small team, it has been very challenging to navigate the large scale uncertainties of producing and shipping in the world today. But we should, and we will get better. This I personally pledge to you.
What’s happening now ?

We have ramped up production and shipping extensively. Most pre-orders (90%) will be shipped by the end of July. The remaining orders will ship by mid-August.
We are revamping our order tracking system and customer service team to make it easier for you to track your order, and to be more responsive to you when you have questions so that we can reply in a timely manner.
Some customers received tracking numbers many weeks prior to their amp’s delivery. Tracking numbers were automatically generated the moment our warehouse received a shipping order. We are working to improve the process to ensure tracking numbers are not created until they are in fact scanned and in the shipping process.
Yes, we are shipping Sparks in the order they were received, and based on their location in the world. We did make an operational mistake and shipped a few hundred units out of order. We’ve fixed that and it won’t happen again.
Looking forward

We are doubling the warranty on Spark to Two Years as a thank you for your support.
We will post communications every week until everyone has received their Spark.
Spark is created with the vision of a smarter way to play and jam. We have many new developments in the pipeline, and we’re committed to adding new features, sounds, software and firmware updates on a regular basis.
This has been an incredible learning experience for me and for our company. As a group of forward-thinking musicians who are passionate about creating new experiences for guitar players, we hate to disappoint you. We are working hard every day to make our customer experience equal to the quality of our Spark amps.

Thank you, once again, for your continued patience and support.


Calvin Abel
CEO, Positive Grid


Voilà cela fait 4 mois que cet article a été commandé.

Je vais pouvoir demander le geste commercial proposé par Eric Sands.
Pour d’autres la livraison du SPARK de Positive Grid se passe beaucoup mieux.

Toujours pas de livraison (quelques SPARK ont été livrés en France, des commandes plus récentes, 40 jours après la mienne... Et voilà ! Après 2 mois et 15 jours d’attente, je viens de recevoir mon ampli Spark en France. Pour information, commande du 03/05/2020 numéro 200 7xx )
Aucune réponse, mise à part l’email automatique, à la demande d’hier
et aujourd’hui il n’y a plus la possibilité de vérifier où en est la commande

Positive Grid ce n’est que du bonheur.

Mail reçu ce jour
Dear Spark Purchaser :

We have made tremendous strides in our effort to get all Spark amps shipped as soon as possible. Over the past two weeks we have shipped 41978 units ! As we shared in our last update, we plan to ship most orders (90%) by July 31. Here’s the latest status :
Shipping Updates
US : We added another inventory warehouse in the US that will enable us to work though incoming shipments and get them delivered to you faster. We expect to ship most pre-orders by July 31, with a small portion of Last Chance Special orders shipping by the first week of August.
Europe : Most pre-orders will ship by July 31, and a small portion of Last Chance Special orders will ship by August 15.
Japan : Most pre-orders will ship by the end of July with the remainder shipping by August 15.
Australia : Due to the pandemic, Australia’s logistics have become more challenging, but we’re working very hard to find ways to ship Spark to you. With the latest information we have, we’re confident that earlier orders and most Last Chance Special orders will be shipped by July 31, with the remainder shipping by August 15.
Order Tracking
The Track Order tab has been updated. You can use this tool at
We have added a clear estimated shipping date for each customer’s order.
You can simply click the tracking number on your confirmation to track your order once it’s shipped.
We simplified the information in our order tracking system (removing in-transit and local warehouse) to avoid confusion.
Customer Support Revamp
To provide better customer service, we’re working to revamp our entire customer support process and team.
Soon we will offer 24/7 customer support and all support emails will be replied to within 24 hours.
We have developed a new process and internal system to provide answers to your questions with clarity of estimated shipping date.
To help us better organize our tickets, we ask that you correspond with us through our Help Center.
We will share our next shipping update with you next week.
Thank you for your feedback and support.

The Spark Team at Positive Grid

Après avoir relancé Eric Sands sur Facebook, j’ai reçu un mail pour télécharger BIAS FX 2 std

Hi Phillipe,

You can redeem the code below from the following URL.

BIAS FX 2 Standard



Eric Sands est le seul contact que vous pouvez avoir chez PG. Je lui tire mon chapeau, parce que cela ne doit pas être facile pour lui.

Puis juste après des informations sur le colis.

La livraison est prévue pour aujourd’hui... complète ou pas ?

Il est arrivé


J’ai acheté une Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 Tablette 8" WiFi 32 Go 2 Go RAM Quad 2,0 GHz Appareil Photo 8 Mpx AF + 2 Mpx Noir pour utiliser l’application SPARK AMP.
Le problème est que cette application n’est peut être pas optimisée pour cet appareil... et c’est le cas : elle ne passe en mode paysage.
Réponse sur le forum : The Spark app cannot run in landscape mode on any android device. Only in iOS


Suite à la dernière mise à jour le mode paysage est disponible mais pas vraiment pratique sur la Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 Tablette 8", écran trop petit


Presque ok sur la Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2019 Tablette 8" sur la maj

Pour info :